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Security is what we do best

SAFE Guardian excels in providing comprehensive, AI-enhanced security surveillance and rapid emergency response across various environments.

SAFE Guardian offers state-of-the-art security solutions, combining advanced AI technology with robust surveillance systems to provide unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Our systems are designed to adapt to various environments, ensuring tailored security for any scenario

AI-Driven Security and Monitoring

Leverage the power of AI for real-time threat detection and automated response. Our intelligent software adapts to your environment, learning and evolving to ensure maximum security.

AI assisted medical response

In emergencies, every second counts. Our software includes AI that can deploy rapid medical assistance via alert systems, ensuring immediate response when it matters most.

Interoperability and Integration

Easily integrate SAFE Guardian with your existing systems. Our software is designed for seamless compatibility, enhancing your current security infrastructure without any hassle

Surveillance and Data Analysis Tools

Monitor your environment with precision. Our software provides detailed data analysis and visualization, enabling proactive security management

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SAFE Guardian for Government

Designed for the most demanding environments, our military-grade system offers enhanced perimeter defense and internal security, tailored for armed forces’ unique needs.

SAFE Guardian for Educational Institutions

Our campus security solutions offer complete coverage, from perimeter surveillance to classroom safety, ensuring a secure learning environment.

SAFE Guardian Res-Q Units

SAFE Guardian Res-Q: Advanced emergency response platform that water, power and connectivity & ISR UAS powered with AI analytics for disaster relief, customizable for rapid response services in the most challenging environments.


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